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Fall Decorating Refresh

Fall Decorating Refresh

Take advantage of the energy that comes with a seasonal shift. While summers are meant for vacations and time spent away from home, fall is all about feathering your nest and entertaining family and friends. In the spirit of change, we spoke with our creative director, Rebecca Proctor, about some of her favorite products that you can swap in with existing accessories to add a cozy touch to your home decor.

Houndstooth Throw
“There might be nothing softer than this blanket! I live in the northeast in an old stone house, so I always have a blanket wrapped around me when I’m reading a book or watching a movie,” says Rebecca. “Drape these throws over a couch or loveseat, or place one at the end of a bed. They add a nice pop of color and texture. It’s a fantastic gift too.”

Wild Rose Rugs
Swap in one of these beauties in an entryway or hallway. “I love that the patterns on these rugs feel really graphic and bold. It’s a very modern, refreshed floral. The colors tie in perfectly with our Studio Underpinnings collection, but they’re highly versatile and will work with a variety of decor styles. Rugs are the perfect item to swap in and out—I just got new fall rugs myself,” says Rebecca.

Inverness Pillow + Houndstooth Beaded Pillow
Pillows might be the quickest and easiest way to change the look and feel of a room. “There’s no such thing as the pillow police! I drive my husband and son crazy with my obsession. I’m a freak about pillows and have a whole closetful that I like to pull from, rotating new ones in and out,” says Rebecca. “Play with color and texture and vary the sizes and shapes. If you’re looking for a foolproof size combination, try mixing a 22-inch, an 18-inch, and a lumbar pillow. Play with the arrangement and don’t forget to give them a little fluffing or a karate chop here and there.”

Autumn Vine Wreath
A new wreath on your door practically announces that a new season is here. “If you think about it, a wreath is one of the first things guests see, and it’s an easy way to show off seasonal decor. When you change a wreath, it’s like you’re changing seasons too. I love that this wreath is totally secular—not tied to a specific holiday—so it can be left up all autumn long. It looks beautiful hung on a door and fits right in with fall accents like pumpkins, ornamental cabbage, kale, or mums,” says Rebecca.

Courtly Check Moose + Courtly Stripe Pumpkin Candlesticks
Candles help create a cozy ambiance at any gathering, helping guests to feel warm, welcome, and included. “These candlesticks are great if you’re going for a harvest theme but still want a refined look. The black and white checks make them so versatile,” says Rebecca. They’d look really pretty running down a long farm-style table. You can switch in different tapers too, which gives them a whole new look. A pair of candlesticks will never go to waste; they’re always handy to have around if you love to entertain!”

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