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Get Your House Guest-Ready

Get Your House Guest-Ready

November kicks off the holiday season, and you know what that means! Besides a flurry of party invites, delicious dinners, and decorating…it means guests. Friends and family travel from far-flung locales to see you for the holiday season. And as a way to reward them for their journey, you want to make them feel cozy and at home during their visit. Here are a few tips to make sure they’ll never want to leave—which could be dangerous, so use caution:

1. Place chocolates on the pillow. Sure, it’s something that you see in fancy hotels, but why not let your guests end the night on a sweet note too? It’s a thoughtful, added touch that makes them feel so special. Place the chocolate on a small tray with a piece of greenery or tiny bloom. Bonus points if you leave a really fancy piece of chocolate! Yum!

2. Have extra products on hand. You know those tiny bottles of travel toothpaste or lotion you get in hotels or as samples? Hang on to them and store them all in a large glass container in your guest room. It’s nice to have the essentials on hand and at the ready in case someone forgets something. So instead of having to run to the store at all hours of the night (like at bedtime when there’s no toothpaste!), guests can help themselves.

3. Leave them some reading material. A favorite book, a few magazines, the newspaper—it’s nice for guests to have something to read before bed in case they’re having trouble drifting off to sleep. Try your best, if you do leave a magazine or newspaper, to keep it as current as possible. It’s awful to read something or see a product you want only to realize it was in last year’s holiday issue of Family Circle.

4. Accent with fresh flowers. A vase of fresh wildflowers costs virtually nothing but does so much to brighten up a room! Pick a bunch outside or even gather greens from your yard and place them inside a beautiful vessel. That touch of life not only smells lovely, but it adds some cheer to the nightstand.

5. Fill a hot water bottle. There’s nothing like putting cold feet into a warm, cozy bed—especially if your guest room isn’t carpeted. One of the most clever ways? Sending a guest to their room with a hot water bottle. Tucked between the sheets of the bed while your guest is brushing their teeth; it will do wonders to warm things up. And it’s even better when your hot water bottle is as cute as this sweet duck-shaped version that resides in the MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse.

6. Leave some extra blankets. Whether a guest room is drafty or not, it’s always nice to leave some blankets either at the end of the bed or in a basket in the room. You never know if someone runs hot or cold. This way they’re covered in case they forget to ask before bed!

7. Leave breakfast fixings and coffee/tea out. People always tell their guests to make themselves at home, but it’s hard to do so when you don’t know where everything belongs. Setting up a little coffee/tea bar lets guests get a jump on the morning if they’re up before you. Put out all of the essentials like sugar, tea bags, coffee, and mugs. In the fridge, make sure the milk is visible. Also, small containers of yogurt and freshly cut fruit are nice to have for guests to help themselves to as well.

8. Leave a little guestbook. Yeah, we know, it’s something usually reserved for B&Bs, but it’s sort of fun to have a notebook ready for guests to write a sweet little note in. It can be nice to reminisce on after a few years!

Enjoy your visit!

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