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Hostess Gift Guide

Hostess Gift Guide

Whether it’s a holiday dinner or a party, it’s always nice to show up with a little something for the host or hostess—especially when they’re hosting you for a few days or a weekend if you’re traveling. Party planning or hosting can be a lot of work! So these gifts are the perfect way to say “thanks for having me.” You’ll be on the short list to get invited back next year!

1.Kitchen Garden Dish Towels + a loaf of fresh bread
Wrap up a boule or baguette with these charming garden towels. Finish it off by tying them together with a simple ribbon or decorative string and a sprig of herbs.

2.Piccadilly Pie Dish + a homemade pie
Yum! Bake your blue-ribbon-winning pie in this gorgeous pie dish. Once it gets gobbled up, they’ll have this hand-painted piece for years to come.

3. Houndstooth Throw in Rose + a favorite movie
Draped over an armchair or placed on a cozy couch, curling up with this incredibly soft throw blanket and a movie is a nice way to unwind when guests head home.

4. Check and Stripe Taper Candles + a beautiful box of matches
For someone who loves to host dinners, there’s no more useful gift than a set of beautiful dinner candles. The black, white, and gold color palette will pair nicely with any and every color scheme they can dream up.

5. Parchment Check Enamel Mug + ground coffee or tea
No one will ever say no to a little caffeine boost! This pairing is a beautiful gesture that encourages a relaxing ritual every morning.

6. Dotty Cheese Knives + a wedge of cheese
Encourage your host to dive right into to a delicious Brie or Camembert. These tools are pretty enough to earn their place on every future cheeseboard that your favorite host creates.

7. Moose Bottle Stopper + a bottle of wine
This combination is as classic as peanut butter and jelly. Gifting a bottle of wine with a stopper only encourages your host to pop it open as soon as possible.

8. Flower Market Small Pedestal Platter + homemade cookies
Pile this pretty platter high with a delicious batch of cookies. Once the sweets get eaten, this stand can hold so much more than just cake. There’s no limit for the creative uses any hostess will find for it.

9. Courtly Check Enamel Frame + a family photo
Instead of sticking with the stock image inside the frame, get a favorite photo of the family printed and place it inside. Whether it’s the host and hostess, their whole family, or just their kids or pets—they’re sure to appreciate this sentimental surprise.

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