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Innovative Ways to Use Our Products

Innovative Ways to Use Our Products

Do you know what we love most about our customers? Their creativity! Well that, and their appreciation for our quirky and playful home items. While all of our products are thoughtfully designed and covered in pretty patterns, they’re also versatile and ready to be used in many unexpected ways.

So don’t be afraid to think big when it comes to entertaining this season—make your serveware and favorite pieces work harder and smarter for you. Your guests will be raving about your ingenuity and your tasty food! Here are some of our favorite ways to make our products do double duty—but don’t be afraid to find your own too.

The Courtly Check® Pedestal Platter
Not just for serving up sweets—although it always gives any cake that certain something—this item is incredibly versatile. Use it as you see here, topped with pillar candles and greens (eucalyptus is shown). Or place your kitchen soaps and sponges on top to keep the area next to your sink neat and organized. But wait—there’s more! Use our cake platter in your office to corral smaller supplies or in your bedroom to display a few favorite pieces of jewelry or pretty perfume bottles.

Flower Market Wood Paper Towel Holder
It would be ridiculous to use this paper towel holder only to hold your paper goods. You might not realize it, but it was meant for so much more. Pile it high with spools of ribbon, use to it keep chunky statement bracelets organized, or stack it high with bagels when you’re serving brunch. One of our favorite holiday uses—to keep cookie cutters organized while you have them out throughout the season.

Flower Market Small Colander
This small kitchen staple can do some seriously pretty work when it’s used for entertaining. While it’s great for its intended purpose of rinsing fresh veggies, it also can hold fresh flowers in a pretty arrangement. Feeling festive? Kit it out with candy-sprinkled cake pops to bring the fun in a deliciously sweet way. Have a whole pie on hand you want to display? Top the upside-down colander with a round plate, and you’ve got an instant display worthy of the yummiest blue-ribbon pie.

Busy Bee Lantern
Lanterns can light up your life in more than just the expected way—and this detailed beauty is especially fit for multiple uses. Let your green thumb go wild and create a terrarium in its base, or simply let it serve as a showpiece for dried flowers and grain stalks. At holiday time, nestle in a friendly snowman figurine and mini evergreens to create a frosty forest scene, or simply fill the lantern’s body with shiny mini glass ornaments.

Cookie Jar & Everything Bowl
There’s never such a thing as too many hands in our cookie jar—especially when you get creative with its uses! From clothespins that need a home to dryer sheets and beyond, every little household helper looks prettier in this elegant glass jar. As for the Everything Bowl, it truly can turn anything into a piece of art. From your eclectic yarn collection to fresh citrus from the farmers’ market, this bowl can turn the seemingly mundane to marvelous in a flash.

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