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Write a Heartfelt Thank You Note

Write a Heartfelt Thank You Note

While we’re sure you’re a pro at writing thank you notes—after your wedding, it’s the sheer volume that can be a little daunting. But don’t worry! With a little organization and some of these helpful pointers, you can sit down and write out each card with love and gusto. You’ll make all of your guests feel as special as you did on the big day.

So grab a bottle of something refreshing, your new life partner, blank cards, and some nice pens, and make a night of it. It will make it feel fun and allow you to reminisce on the whirlwind that was your wedding day.

1. Say thanks! Yes, a bit obvious, but be sure to say it. Your card has to start somewhere, and this opening line will give you the momentum to move through the rest of the note. Also, while you’ll go on to thank them for the wedding gift, don’t forget to thank them for their presence at your wedding too. Let’s face it—it’s a huge part of what made your day so special.

2. Mention the gift specifically. Instead of just saying “thanks for the gift,” mention by name exactly what you were given. It shows an attention to detail and makes the card feel more personalized.

3. Tell how it helped or what you’ll use it for. Here’s the best part of your card; the part that makes people feel really wonderful. Write down how you’ll use their gift or where you’ll place it. Tell them that you’ll think of them each and every time you see it, because you will.

4. Wrap it up. Finish your note off with a personalized sentiment. Wish them luck on anything exciting they have going on, tell them you’d like to see them soon, mention grabbing dinner, or plan a visit. Or mention something memorable they did to help out on your wedding day.

5. Finish with the sign-off. And just like that, you’re done! Close the card with a simple X’s and O’s, “love,” “yours truly” or a silly inside joke that your friends or family will smile at. Don’t be afraid to add a little quirk and personality to your sign-off.

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