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You are sure to find exactly the right table lamp for any table in your house in MacKenzie-Childs' eclectic Lighting Collection. Whether your home is filled with MacKenzie-Childs' distinctive style or you just want to add a touch of flair, our lamps will brighten any room even when they are turned off.


Table Lamps with MacKenzie-Childs Style

At MacKenzie-Childs, we never miss an opportunity to leave our distinctive signature on any piece of home furnishing we create. That's why you'll find many of our classic design patterns incorporated into all of our table lamps — sometimes all on the same lamp — for a look that is unmistakably MacKenzie-Childs. 

Choose from our

Lighthouse Lamp

Courtly Check Globe Lamp

Parchment Check Globe Lamp

Harlequin Table Lamp

Quatrefoil Table Lamp

Yo-Yo Table Lamp

Highland Table Lamp

Black Tie Bulbous Lamp

Courtly Check Candlestick Lamp

Parchment Check Bulbous Lamp

Courtly Farmhouse Writer's Lamp

Duck Duck Goose Lamp

Lord Remillard Table Lamp

Each one of our table lamps is a study in exquisite contrasts and delightful juxtapositions, and all are pure MacKenzie-Childs. 

Companions to Table Lamps

Professional interior designers as well as homeowners with a keen eye for lighting know better than to rely on a single type of light source in a room. Creating different levels of light illuminates the entire room better than a single light source. So why stop at table lamps? Fill your whole room with brilliant illumination from MacKenzie-Childs.

Floor lamps and sconces allow you to achieve a multi-leveled approach to lighting and allow you to shed light without the use of a table surface. Chandeliers can create a focal point for the room and shed light over the whole room. Pendant lamps give you another option for lighting at a different height and provide a concentrated center of light over a space. 

And because all of our lamps include elements of our signature MacKenzie-Childs designs, they all coordinate beautifully. 

Stylish Atmosphere Even with the Lights Off

When you fill a room with table lamps, floor lamps, and suspended lighting from MacKenzie-Childs, you instantly transform it to an enchanted space full of elegance and whimsy, even with the lights off. See how you can create your own enchanted space at MacKenzie-Childs




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