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A home office that works

A home office that works

Working from home has become a way of life for many of us, and it’s easier to get the job done if you have a dedicated space and a routine for staying focused and productive. But that doesn’t mean a home office has to be boring. In fact, we have several suggestions to keep it functional and fun.

  • Room with a view. Let’s start with where to put the home office, particularly if you don’t have an entire room for it. If your space has a nook that’s tucked away from the main traffic flow, take advantage of that. If you have a window that provides nice light and a gorgeous view, go for that. You could also put an office in an extra closet, which offers the advantage of being able to shut the doors when the space isn’t in use.
  • Pretty & practical. Pick pieces that offer efficiency and elegance. Our Worker Bee Writing Desk is a perfect melding of these attributes, offering a sleek silhouette that has several different storage options, as well as a surface for a laptop. What’s more, its yellow and black detailing is worth buzzing about.

  • Shine a light. The right lighting is essential in a home office. Since you are working so much at a desk, be sure to include task lighting that provides ample illumination. It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate a statement desk lamp, which will add to the room’s style.
  • R&R. A comfortable and adjustable office chair is a must for sitting at the desk. But you could also add a cozy chair for those moments when you want to unwind and relax. Getting comfy on occasion just might boost your creativity, too.
  • Contain the clutter. Since so many of us work digitally, it may not be necessary to have a lot of storage. But if you do need a little, take advantage of a cabinet or a bookcase with doors or drawers—say a buffet in the dining room—which will allow you to put items away at the end of the work day. If you don’t have drawers or doors, hang a curtain in front of the space, so you can conceal the work area when it’s after hours.
  • Minimize distractions. In the same vein as keeping office things neat and tidy, try to keep the space as quiet as possible and maintain regular work hours, too.

  • A touch of whimsy. Again, don’t let the home office be a bland box. Even the simplest of office accessories—waste bins, storage containers, and clocks—can be more fun. Add a framed photo of loved ones and a colorful decorative piece (we love our Courtly Check Owl) to your desk, and you’re sure to be more inspired.

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