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Celebrating angels among us

Celebrating angels among us

Is there an angel in your life? Someone whose love and compassion makes every day soar to new heights? Our new collection of Patience Brewster Paradise Angel Ornaments celebrates those special people.

Says Marietta Bolster, who is a member of our design team and the daughter of Patience Brewster, “There are so many people who touch our lives. It might be a best friend or a grandmother or a favorite aunt. The Paradise Angel Ornaments focus on what is special about those unique personalities. … We hope that each one speaks to a different friend or relative in your family, and it will create a lasting lovely memory when received.”

There are eight Paradise Angel ornaments available as full-size ornaments and mini ornaments, plus two larger display figures.

Let’s meet these heavenly ambassadors:

Marietta doesn’t have a favorite angel because she relates to all of them. “I live for a good cup of coffee and my pets, so I find the teacup angel and the puppy and kitty angels so dear. Obviously, my children have been my major focus lately, and I think the Mother & Child angel is just lovely and would capture any mama’s heart. The Christmas and Celestial angels are two that truly emanate the spirit of the holiday, so I think they will be my favorites on the tree. The Shopping angel I find especially extraordinary—I love her high heel shoe trophy and find her outfit lust-worthy. Most of all, I think the way her long braid is flowing behind really gives a sense that she is flying!”

Display the angel ornaments or any other ornament with stellar style on the Patience Brewster Paradise Angel Ornament Display Tree. The gold-leafed base is accented with holographic glitter, and there are 11 golden star-topped branches for displaying ornaments. You can display the mini ornaments on this slightly smaller tree.

In addition to being wonderful holiday gifts, these ornaments are ideal for birthdays and occasions like Mother’s Day or any time you want the angels in your life to know that you’re thinking about them, too. Remember that any day of the year is worth celebrating because if you believe in angels, you know they are always watching over us.

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