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Creating a Happy Halloween

Creating a Happy Halloween

Creating a festive and fun Halloween is a family tradition for Marietta Bolster, and that’s reflected in the colorful and charming Halloween pieces in our Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs collection.

Marietta, who is one of our designers, is also Patience’s daughter, and with her mother’s recent retirement, Marietta is focusing on bringing new creations to the collection.

Like Patience, Marietta is enthusiastic about Halloween and dressing up. “I LOVE Halloween,” she says. “Dressing up in general had always been a highlight for me as a child (and as an adult!), and Halloween meant there were no limits! I distinctly recall sitting by my mother as she sat at her sewing machine and we detailed our costumes to be EXACTLY as we has imagined. Then after all the anticipation of creating our outfits came the actual day when we got to become our characters with all the wild hair and makeup. It felt like magic. I lived for the parades and never for the candy.”

One particular Halloween stands out in Marietta’s memories. “One year I was Cruella de Vil, and I was feeling rather extravagant, wearing a borrowed fur coat. I dressed my white dog in a spotted T-shirt and held her leash along with a long (empty) cigarette holder in my black-satin-gloved hands. The first few houses felt warm and devilishly wonderful. However, after a while my many accessories began to overwhelm me, yet I would let nothing stand in the way of my costume commitment as I added more and more candy to my overflowing handbag. I can still feel the weight lifted from my shoulders as I parted ways with that fur coat and had my fill of Cruella de Vil.”

Sharing the memories and the magic of Halloween with her children and stepchildren is very important to Marietta. In addition to the excitement of creating costumes, Marietta sets the scene for a “month of wonder and imagination” with activities like decorating and pumpkin carving that build to the ultimate event, Halloween.

On that day, there is one funny family story that both Patience and Marietta recall fondly. Says Patience, “When I was very young, my mother dressed up on Halloween to create a Witch’s Room for our neighborhood older children. On this night, she mixed herbs and potions. She peeled grapes and made a big bowl of cold thick pasta to create slippery squirmy sensations for the children to plunge unsuspecting hands into. She normally had her long hair in a tight bun, but on this night, she let down her wild hair, made up her face in dark wrinkles, donned a tall witch’s hat and layers of filmy satin robes. Trying NOT to scare me when she heard me padding down the hall, she ducked behind a door. Of course I pulled the door open, only to make finding her there a more terrifying surprise! She quickly diffused my fear by admitting me into the Witch’s Secret World. I became a sworn member.”

Marietta says she’s a member, too, although she also confesses “anyone who knows me knows I get spooked all too easily. While I live for the magic and mystery of Halloween, I still want it to be welcoming and warm.”

You’ll find those happy Halloween sentiments displayed by Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs. “Our Halloween collection emphasizes the thrill in creating a world of our own,” says Marietta.

The collection includes hand carved and hand-painted ornaments and figures that feature lots of special details. Among Marietta’s favorite pieces is the bewitching Patience Brewster Crystal Ball Witch Display Figure.

Says Marietta, “I lust after her harlequin jacket saturated in orange and black, which complements her sleek dress that drips into a magenta ombre. Her long silver braid gives her a subtle softness that makes you curious to know what she sees in her crystal ball that she so gingerly holds in her long knobby fingers. Every detail gives way to her personality, and I could stare at her for hours.”

If there’s anything that could top that, Marietta says, it’s the Carl and Carla Crow Candlesticks, which are the ultimate in happy Halloween.

“The Crow Candlesticks are just my end-all, be-all of our collection. They are SO fantastic and funny. Their wings are gilded with gold-leafed designs that would be worthy of any regal setting; however, their faces and gestures make you laugh aloud. I can’t wait for everyone to see them.”

And neither can we. Explore the whimsical world of Halloween from Patience Brewster, and we’re sure you’ll find many ways to create your own Halloween traditions that are festive and fun.



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