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Easter is on its way

Easter is on its way

We are firm believers in savoring the moment while still looking ahead, which brings us to the subject of Easter.

Easter will be celebrated on April 12, which means it’s about nine weeks away. So, now’s the time to make like a bunny and hop on those plans for an Easter celebration. Of course, everything will culminate in a big Easter brunch, and we’ll share tips on how to plan one, as well as some recipes for some delicious dishes, in an upcoming blog.

In the meantime, let’s focus on setting the scene for a celebration of spring that centers around bunnies, baskets, and eggs. All are traditions associated with Easter and springtime, and they each have an interesting history.

Bunnies, or rabbits, are known for being prolific procreators and have long been the symbols of fertility and new life, which is the very theme of spring. We, of course, have lots of rabbits and bunnies. You can start a springtime theme right at the front door or entry with our new Dotty Bunny Entrance Mat and one of our new spring floral accents, such as our Farmhouse Garden Wreath, which features everlasting spring blossoms and a natural-fiber bunny.

The link between bunnies and Easter can be traced to German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, bringing with them the tradition of an egg-laying hare called Osterhase or Oschter Haws. Our new Macaron group of bunnies and chicks are reminiscent of earlier times with vintage-inspired pastel items trimmed with Courtly Check ribbon. They’re perfect for displaying on tables and sideboards and mix well with the new Pastel Confections collection of decorative cakes and cupcakes.

The tradition of the Easter basket can be traced to the Easter bunny, too. Oschter Haws was viewed much like Santa Claus and was believed to reward good children by leaving colored eggs that would be placed in “nests” made from baskets and hats that were left out overnight. Eventually, baskets replaced the nests and the offerings expanded beyond eggs to include candy and other treats.

Our Easter baskets include our classic Courtly Check Baskets, which feature our signature pattern. A bonus is that these baskets can be used beyond Easter to hold all sorts of items year-round. We’ve also added to our popular collection of capiz Easter baskets, with Picket Fence Baskets. Both are hand-painted capiz, accented with dimensional flowers of capiz chips and pearl beads, with a picket fence edging.

You can fill these baskets with all sorts of treats, as well as our Easter eggs. In fact, two of our newest baskets—the Pastel Check Egg Arrangement and the Courtly Check Egg Arrangement—have affixed eggs that make decorating super simple.

Another way to decorate with eggs is by hanging them from a tree. Consider the Patience Brewster Egg Tree Set, which consists of a whimsical wire Easter tree decorated with leaves, flowers, and eggs, along with six Bright Patience Brewster Eggs and six Pastel Patience Brewster Eggs (the egg sets are sold separately, too). If you have little ones around the house, you could add to the anticipation of Easter and teach children about springtime traditions by hanging a few ornaments on the tree each week.

Finally, don’t forget to add a little Easter in unexpected places such as the kitchen and bathroom with our Dotty Bunny Dish Towel and our Chicks & Eggs Guest Towels. Another fun accessory for the bath is the Funny Bunny Mirror, which sports bunny ears in Courtly Check. Pretty and practical, these additions will get you hopping in anticipation of a springtime celebration.





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