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Evine comes to Aurora

Evine comes to Aurora

Often, there’s a story to be told about our products. It might be a tale of how a garden gate was named for a favorite friend or how our Courtly Check pattern evolved. The story might include tips for brewing a great cup of tea in one of our enamelware teapots, or it could tell how to decorate with our festive ribbon.

For the past year, we’ve been sharing stories like these on MacKenzie-Childs Television, which premiered in May 2017 and now appears regularly on the cable television network Evine. Recently, to celebrate our one-year anniversary on Evine, a nine-person film crew from the company, based in Eden Prairie, Minn., came to our studios in Aurora, New York, to film several “B-roll” segments that supplement what viewers see during our live shows.

The group’s tour guide was Rebecca Proctor, our creative director and chief brand officer, who also happens to be our chief storyteller. Rebecca also appears live on Evine, and of course no one can tell a tale quite like Rebecca, who still sparkles as she recounts how her own love story with MacKenzie-Childs began more than 25 years ago.

Over five days, in an orchestration of people, props, and lots of lights and cameras, the Evine crew filmed all around our 65-acre campus. It captured our decorators painting Taylor teapots and trivets and filmed how ceramic molds are made. It visited our Design Department, where our designers talked about the inspiration behind our products. And of course, Rebecca, being the hostess with the mostest, gave a tour of our one-of-a-kind Farmhouse and spoke about the rooms’ signature looks. The house, built in the 1870s, is a company showcase and displays MacKenzie-Childs pieces that are current, retired or one of a kind.

Evine hosts Allison Waggoner and Kathy Norton, who appear on air with Rebecca, were on hand as well and filmed short segments in and around the Farmhouse, including a grownup tea party in the front parlor, a brunch in the breakfast room, and flower arranging in the kitchen. Neither had been to Aurora before, and they were charmed by the “fairytale-like setting” of the campus, which overlooks Cayuga Lake. It was nearly as charming, they say, as working with Rebecca.

“I call her the magical sprite,” says Allison. “She’s infectious. You want to be around her and listen to her story.”

Kathy agrees, noting that Rebecca’s enthusiasm for MacKenzie-Childs comes across to viewers as genuine and is a primary reason that the brand has had such a strong showing on Evine since its debut. “When she tells a story, there’s a visceral reaction. Viewers want to be a part of her story.”

Allison says Rebecca’s appearances remind viewers of a time when you knew the people that you did business with on a first-name basis, be it the butcher or the baker. “Behind every great brand, there’s a story. There is an art form with MacKenzie-Childs, and Rebecca tells the story of things made with love.”

And besides, working Rebecca is fun, pure and simple, adds Kathy. “Working with Rebecca is like breathing in sunshine and breathing out rainbows. She’s joyous and so much fun. The time with her goes by much too fast.”

If you’d like to see Rebecca’s next appearance on Evine and watch many of the segments filmed in Aurora, tune in on June 21, 22, and 23, when we will kick off summer and celebrate being halfway to Christmas. To find Evine in your area, go to the Evine Channel Finder. To connect with our Evine Facebook, follow this link.



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