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Frolic of the Animals

Frolic of the Animals

Follow along as we welcome spring with Frolic of the Animals, a new holiday from the imagination of MacKenzie-Childs.

Go to our Facebook page to watch our Facebook Live presentation on the Frolic and get a behind-the-scenes look at how it was created.

You can view the products featured in the Frolic here.

By the light of winter’s last silvery moon,
and with springtime upon us so very soon.
Our animals gather for a delightful dance,
from meadows and thickets and forests, they prance.
Adorned in their finery, young and old, big and small,
they’re eager to frolic at their springtime ball.
In moonlight they march, two by two,
delighted to introduce themselves to you!

Courtly Check Owl & Olivia Owl
Courtly Check Owl and Olivia Owl sound a hoot or two,
letting all creatures know the promise of spring is true.
“Awake from your homes and come into the moonlight,
spring will be here, and soon longer days will bloom bright!”

Kenzie the Bear & Mack the Bear
From their wintertime slumber, bears begin to rise,
Kenzie the Bear and Mack the Bear wipe sleep from their eyes.
With big yawns and big stretches, they amble their way,
to greet all their friends who have come out to play.

Courtly Check Moose & Milton Moose
The Courtly Check Moose beamingly lends
light to the path for each prancing friend.
In his antlers, Milton Moose places a candle—
ambiance is something he’s eager to handle.

Huck the Raccoon & Savannah the Skunk
Huck the Raccoon and Savannah the Skunk,
awake at midnight, all full of spunk.
They join woodland neighbors in the candles’ glow,
the party has started—it’s time to go!

Funny Bunny & Rosie Rabbit
Our handsome bunnies’ ears go flippity-floppity,
as they bounce to the gathering, hippity-hoppity!
Funny Bunny wears checks from his tail to his nose,
and Rosie Rabbit brings springtime wherever she goes.

Dot Chickens & Rooster Figurine
Meanwhile, the barnyard takes note of the forest glee,
the Dot Chickens, laying eggs, quite giddy at what they see.
While Rooster Figurine sounds a bold cock-a-doodle-doo,
telling all who hear him that winter is finally through.

Polka Dot Pig & Courtly Check Pig
Polka Dot Pig and Courtly Check Pig squeal hog-wild with delight.
They know pretty soon they will see spring’s first light.
After the snowy cold winter, these little piggies say,
“We’re so very grateful and thrilled for this day!”

Harlequin Bird Tassel & Dinger Hummingbird
Music is provided by our sweet feathered friends,
who sing cheerfully along as winter finally ends.
Harlequin Bird Tassel glides on the warm spring breeze,
while Dinger Hummingbird flits among trees with ease.

Sylvie Siamese Catbird & Grant Great Dane
The chattering outside wakes sleeping cats and dogs,
who, in their secret lives, love to play with the chickens and the frogs.
Sylvie Siamese Catbird and Grant Great Dane quickly make their way,
out into the moonlight to the coming of spring’s first day.

Pot Croaker & Frog on Lily Pad
Frogs preside like royalty from lily-pad thrones in the pond,
festivities are something of which they’re quite fond.
They’ve donned their spring crowns—they couldn’t be more glad—
from the mighty Pot Croaker to Frog on Lily Pad!

Queen Bee Pick & Courtly Check Butterfly
As the sun hints at rising, there’s quite a buzz around,
it’s Queen Bee Pick steadily humming, making her gleeful sound.
Courtly Check Butterfly spreads its wings and joins her in flight,
knowing with the coming warmth, spring flowers will soon delight.

Luna Unicorn & Spark Dragon
And from the fanciful back of our mind,
come mythical creatures much harder to find.
Normally cold statues in the veil of the moonlight,
Luna Unicorn and Spark Dragon come alive at the end of the night!

At long last, they all gather in the meadow with a view,
the grass beneath them still wet with early morning dew.
The frolic begins as the day starts to brighten,
inky blue fades to yellow as the skies start to lighten.
There’s dancing and singing—it’s the start of spring!
Winter barely a memory, a now-forgotten thing.
Take note, if you will, from our creatures great and small:
With sunshine in your heart, you can weather it all.

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