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Getting a handle on knobs

Getting a handle on knobs

Consider the knob, if you will. It’s designed for function, for sure, and it can certainly transform a dresser or cabinet from ordinary to extraordinary. But a knob can be a whole lot of fun, too.

We make more than a dozen different knobs, and we’re adding to that collection all the time. Most of our knobs are ceramic, featuring colorful hand-painted patterns often accented with elegant gold lustre. We also have knobs that are sure to start a conversation, including those shaped like fanciful fish.

Quite frankly, our knobs are works of art and worthy of getting a spotlight in your decor.

That said, here are some unexpected and creative ways to use them:

  • Create an artistic display for your necklaces by attaching a few pretty knobs to a wooden plaque and hanging that near your dressing table. Drape your necklaces over the knobs.
  • To draw attention to a special photograph, attach a piece of pretty ribbon to the back of the frame and then hang it from a knob mounted to your gallery wall.
  • Glue knobs to the lids of plain glass jars to create a canister set.
  • Dress up a simple square or rectangular storage basket by adding a knob in the center.
  • Create a more interesting window treatment. Install knobs as curtain tiebacks or use knobs as finials on the ends of curtain rods.
  • Mount several knobs to a long board to make a hanging rack for coats, umbrellas, and purses that you install near a front or rear entry.
  • Glue magnets to the bottoms of knobs, let dry, and then use them to hold memos on your refrigerator.
  • Use one of our weightier knobs as a paperweight or put one on top of a stack of napkins to keep them from blowing away outdoors.
  • Glue one to your cellphone case so you can hang onto it as you text and shoot selfies.
  • Turn them into personalized bottle stoppers by gluing corks to the bottoms.

We’re sure that you might have some other ideas. Just remember that many objects, including knobs, can be more than the obvious when you use your imagination.


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