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Handcrafted Honeycomb Tables

Handcrafted Honeycomb Tables

Our inspiration for the new Honeycomb Tables came directly from the amazing honeybees at our farm in Aurora. Each table is completely made by hand in the Philippines and then further embellished in our New York studios with three-dimensional brass bees and handmade ceramic feet.

My trip to the Philippines really brought this product to life, especially after seeing the beautiful tabletops being made for us by a small group of artisans in Cebu. The honeycomb pattern on each top is a hand-applied marquetry made from maple, khaya, and black-dyed poplar veneers. And don’t forget the bee! Each top is jeweled with one beautiful bee made from tiny pieces of capiz shell, which is indigenous to this area of the world.

IMG_1436 (002)

Honeycomb veneer in maple with marquetry tools.

I watched one of the artisans carefully select a piece of shell no bigger than a ladybug and painstakingly place it into the veneer bee framework, as though putting together an incredibly intricate jigsaw puzzle. The inlay for each bee takes at least an hour to create, as each tiny piece is carefully placed into the pattern.


Delicate, tiny shell pieces for the bee inlay.


Upholstered capiz bee sample that production follows.










Once the bee is completed, it’s then carefully laid into the top, and gently polished by hand to reveal the luminescence and soft colors that are natural to the capiz shells.


Capiz bee inlay before final polishing.

It’s difficult to explain just how much care goes into each and every table. But what strikes me most is all of the wonderful friendships we’ve made here on the other side of the world. I want to celebrate these partnerships, which feel like natural extensions of our own studio in Aurora. The skill and artistry we have discovered here and in other small pockets around the globe have allowed us to do things far beyond our capabilities in Aurora, bringing to life our vision for many new designs. It’s simply amazing to me.


Artisan applying capiz bee inlay, one tiny piece at a time.


This process takes such concentration and patience!




Our Honeycomb Round Coffee Table with all its embellishments!


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