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It’s National Mad Hatter Day!

It’s National Mad Hatter Day!

It’s National Mad Hatter Day, which honors the iconic character in Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” It also encourages us to be, just like the Mad Hatter, a little more silly in our own lives.

Feeling inspired, we decided to make a hat—but not just any hat. Linda Walker, one of our extraordinary visual artists, started with a simple but stylish Mad Hatter-style hat and took it over the top just in time for Halloween.

Linda says she was going for a spooky, elegant look with a hint of steampunk style. She started by painting a Courtly Check swirl on top of the hat. Then, she embellished the brim with flowers, feathers, and a mesh ribbon spider’s web. Next, came the addition of our set of six Spooky Pumpkins, our Courtly Check Enamel Espresso Cup & Saucer Set, and a pair of Patience Brewster Spider Ornaments.

The result is absolutely stunning, and we’re giving it away. Go here for details on how to the win the hat.

Let Linda’s hat inspire you as you assemble your Halloween costume. You may not be going to the usual Halloween bash this year, but it’s still fun to dress up and celebrate at home.

If you want to add a few touches of MacKenzie-Childs, check out our Barn Sale Style blog. It includes instructions for making a floral crown, crafting roses from our Courtly Check ribbon, and tips on refreshing a Halloween costume.

If you want to dress more elaborately, you can make a Halloween costume that incorporates our products. Here are three ideas, plus Linda’s tips on how to pull them off.

  1. Dress as an M-C place setting. Think about the human playing cards in “Alice” that wore playing cards on their fronts and backs fashioned into sandwich boards. Instead of cards, make two oversized plates from cardboard and decorate them with painted Courtly Checks. On your head, make a fascinator and top that with a rendition of our Courtly Check Tea Kettle or wear the real thing.
  2. Turn an oversized cardboard box into a piece of M-C furniture that you decorate and wear. Another idea is to make yourself into an M-C pillow by making the pillow body of two large pieces of felt and adding decorations. We think you’d be quite stunning as Frida Cowlo Pillow.
  3. Turn yourself into an M-C Christmas Tree. You can make the tree from cardboard and paint it. Then, decorate with a tinsel garland and add Courtly Check ornaments that can be made from decoupaging strips of Courtly Check napkins to Styrofoam balls. Add a star on top, and you’re good to go.

However you dress and celebrate this Halloween, have fun. This festive holiday is one of our favorites, and there are so many ways for you to put your stamp on it, as well as show off your love of MacKenzie-Childs.




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