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Meet our first MC Maestros

Meet our first MC Maestros

Walking into the McCue house on a cold and blustery Saturday in January, we know we’re about to be enveloped in warmth. The 200-year-old home, now passed down through five generations of McCues, updated and built upon every time, has fireplaces glowing in each room, and the booming voices and jovial greetings inside it warm your heart and put you immediately at ease. It’s just the atmosphere you would expect from the men and their twin boys who call it home.

Drs. Thomas McCue and Sean Bresnahan, also known on Instagram as @thecourtlycheckbears, are our first official MC Maestros, fans of our brand who have become so much more. We consider them to be our extended family, as we do all of you. Their presence in our brand family reminds us that we bring people great joy, and they pass that joy from generation to generation. You can see joy in their home, in their friendships, and in their children’s futures. They are, in the truest sense of the word, maestros, masters of their art.

Their house is crowded, but not in the way you may think. It’s crowded with boisterous laughter and heartfelt hugs. It’s crowded with love for family. It’s crowded with memories and moments, stories to recount, parties to host, and gourmet food to just “throw together” as Sean so aptly does. It’s crowded with the giggles of their sons, Thomas (the fifth TPM) and Grayson, and the barks of their three labradoodles while steam rises from the stove and champagne flutes are at the ready. It’s crowded in the best way possible and makes you want to pull up a chair, take one of those flutes Tommy is passing around, and stay for a spell.

As soon as you enter, you see the MacKenzie-Childs inspiration. It’s everywhere. From the fully stocked tableware in Courtly Check, Royal Check, Flower Market, and our new Floradot pattern to the drawer pulls, light switches, pillows, furniture, and coat hooks. It’s on the walls, the banisters, and even the backsplash behind the stove.

Tommy and Sean use MacKenzie-Childs every day, starting with the first cup of coffee in the morning poured into our ceramic mugs. Sean makes Tommy’s favorite goat cheese pizza and serves it on our enamelware platters. Special occasions are celebrated at a large table made from reclaimed barnwood that can seat 12 (and, yes, they have several sets of our dinnerware that can accommodate those numbers).

Tommy got the ball rolling years ago when he was introduced to the brand by his maternal grandmother, whom he called Nanny. She had a small MacKenzie-Childs glass that Tommy always admired. “I think she and my mom had made a trip down to Aurora at some point and she brought it back. When she knew she was soon to pass, she passed it on to me. I thought, well, I’ll just check this out.”

And check us out, Tommy and Sean certainly have!

Their now 1-year-old twin boys are already learning to love the brand from their dads. Their nursery is decked in MacKenzie-Childs from top to bottom, their stuffed animals are our Marsden Moose and Mack the Bear, and they’re learning to crawl on MC rugs in every room. They will grow up in a house already decked in our signature prints and products that one day they will live in and raise their own families.

And that, of course, begs a question that Tommy says has been asked many times since the boys came along. Can MacKenzie-Childs and toddlers co-exist?

Tommy and Sean say yes, although in the short term, they admit they’ll be serving more on enamelware than on ceramic when it comes to meals for the boys. Says Tommy, “In the five generations that have lived in this house, there have always been antiques and breakables. Is there going to be an accident? Absolutely, but we live and we learn that things should be appreciated and valued. I hope they appreciate it and love it as much as we do.”

You might think that anything Courtly Check is their favorite {ahem, hello, Instagram handle}, but it’s not (and yet it is). What they most appreciate is the feeling of love that every piece of MacKenzie-Childs expresses. They express this devotion almost in unison and frequently finish each other’s sentences.

Says Tommy, “For us, it’s not the pieces themselves, though we clearly love those, too; it’s the people who are part of this brand. It’s the amazing people who have become our friends, the artists who put their hearts and souls into their work, the painters and upholsterers, designers and people who work in the store. It’s the love that I know goes into every piece and the love with which we use them.”

When Sean plates on a Courtly Check fluted platter, that’s his heart on a dish. When Tommy pours drinks into his Blooming Champagne flutes, that’s his way of welcoming in friends and making strangers no longer strangers.

We could call their design, their decor, their fun-yet-functional home filled with three dogs, two babies, and more than enough love to go around a MacKenzie-Childs museum, but these pieces are lived in, loved on, and have seen a lot of laughter in their days. Just as they were designed to.


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