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Meet our Frolic exclusives!

Meet our Frolic exclusives!

We’re happy to say that spring has sprung, and we’d like to invite you to celebrate with our second annual Frolic of the Animals.

Last year, we introduced the Frolic over 12 days and showed how our animal creations anticipate the start of spring and then revel in its arrival. This year, we’re introducing two exclusive Frolic friends, available in limited quantities: Flower Market Olivia Owl and Fergal Frog on Ball.

Flower Market Olivia Owl wears a crown of hand-painted Flower Market florals, accenting her Courtly Check body. Fergal Frog, a handsome amphibian decorated with hand-painted Courtly Stripes and Courtly Checks, rests on a gold-leafed ball, contemplating life by our farm pond as the weather warms.

Wondering how to add them to your home? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start a collection. We’re just getting started with Flower Market Olivia Owl and Fergal Frog on Ball, and we plan to introduce more exclusive Frolic animals in the years to come.

  • Create a springtime tablescape. Both figures will add color and charm to any table. To make them the focal point in a tablescape, put them on a base of dry moss in the table’s center. Add variety to the landscape with small potted sedums plus candlesticks of varying heights to create the light of dusk and dawn.

  • Serve them up on a tray when you host a tea. They’re sure to start a conversation.
  • Complement the flowers on Flower Market Olivia Owl by placing her in the center of a wreath that you display on a table. We’d like to suggest our Flower Power Wreath or our Tender Shoots Wreath.

  • Use Fergal Frog on Ball as a paperweight in your home office. We’re sure you’ll take inspiration from his deep thinker expression. You can also display Fergal Frog on Ball under a cloche or on a shelf.
  • Whooo is in the know? It’s Flower Market Olivia Owl, of course. Make her a message minder on your front entry table, where she can oversee a memo board or a bowl that holds your keys.
  • Put both figures anywhere that they’ll make you smile: on a shelf, in the bathroom, on a kitchen counter or a bedside table (especially appropriate for you night owls!).

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