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Speak the MC Lexicon

Speak the MC Lexicon

We are, as you know, one of a kind, with a unique viewpoint that’s expressed with our fresh and fun designs. Our outlook is also conveyed by the language we use, or what we call our MC Lexicon. Here’s a sampling of our favorite terms and expressions, which almost run the gamut from A to Z.

Aurora Artisanal noun, /əˈrôrə ärˈtēzən(ə)l/

A collection of products that are lovingly handmade in our Aurora, New York, studios, including our hand-painted ceramics and hand decorated furniture.

Barn Sale noun, /bärn sāl/

Fun and festive, it’s our biggest event of the year, offering deep discounts on our one-of-a-kind products and drawing thousands to our campus in Aurora, New York. As of 2020, it’s online, too!

Courtly Check noun, /ˈkôrtlē CHek/

Our signature pattern is a beautiful composition of onyx and ivory checks with jeweled tones dragged throughout. It’s on everything from ceramics to switch plates, and it’s been around for a quarter-century. You know it and you love it, don’t you?

Dash Away, as in Patience Brewster Dash Away noun, /daSH əˈwā/

Inspired by the Christmas classic “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” the collection features Santa’s reindeer ready to take flight, assisted by their elves, Santa, and Mrs. Claus. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who was not in the original 1823 poem, isn’t included in these reindeer games either.

(The) Entertaining Kitchen noun, / en(t)ərˈtāniNG ˈkiCH(ə)n/

The Entertaining Kitchen is command central in your household, where families, food, and fun converge.

Farmhouse noun, /ˈfärmˌhous/

The centerpiece of our campus, believed to have been built in the 1870s, when our property was a large dairy farm. It also serves as a point of inspiration, displaying our latest designs and serendipities in 15 rooms over three floors.


Glow, as in M-C Glow noun, /ɡlō/ 

Our collection of beautifully enlightening candles, candle holders, and candle accessories. Made from high-quality waxes, our Glow candles burn better longer and make every occasion shine.  Also, check out our MacKenzie-Childs Glow Home Apothecary collection, which is our take on home fragrance.

handmade  adjective, /han(d)ˈmād/

We’re all about our one-of-a-kind nature, and we use many “hand” terms to describe the process that makes each item a work of art, including handmade, hand carved, handcrafted, and hand-painted.

inspiration noun, /ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n/

Inspiration is the spark of an idea, and it plays a big role in our brand. Our ideas come from what is around us—our farm in Upstate New York, the places we travel to in our daydreams, and you, our customers.

jester, as in court jester noun, /ˈjestər/ 

Several years ago, a journalist described MacKenzie-Childs as the “court jester of tabletop.” How perfect, we thought, because we are a bit irreverent and full of fun. Plus, the “court” part actually inspired us to name our black and white check pattern Courtly Check.

knob Noun, /näb/

Small in size but big in impact, our fun and functional one-of-a-kind knobs are among the items we call finishing touches. Use them to refresh a dresser or cabinet or invent your own uses.

lustre noun, /ˈləstər/

The hand-painted glistening finishing touch applied to ceramics. It is usually gold, but some pieces have platinum lustre (“re” and not “er”). Lustre is red when painted and becomes gold or platinum after it’s fired.

Mrs. Powers noun /ˈmisiz ˈpou(ə)rz/

Mrs. Powers, as in our Mrs. Powers Garden Gate and Mrs. Powers Dinner & Door Bell, was a real person, Joan Powers, who lived near our campus. Her visits with Rebecca Proctor, our creative director and chief brand officer, served as the inspiration for these beautiful garden accessories.

necessories noun, plural /nəˈses(ə)rēz/

The essentials of The Entertaining Kitchen, we call them “necessories” because they are the necessary accessories that make the hub of your home really sing.

Odd Fellows noun, /äd ˈfelōz/

Our collection of ceramics that combines elements from the 15 original Taylor patterns. Interesting fact: Our Enamel Barn in Aurora is made of four barns purchased from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Trumansburg, New York, and reassembled on our campus in 1995.

Patience Brewster noun, /ˈpāSHəns ˈbro͞ostər/

Our handmade and hand-painted Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs collection of colorful and charming characters are based on illustrations from Patience Brewster, a talented Upstate New York artist. These one-of-a-kind pieces bring smiles year-round and make your holiday home extra merry and bright!

quirky adjective, /ˈkwərkē

Yes, we admit it. We are unflinchingly unique in an off-center way. We like to think that’s why you like us so much. See also whimsical and zany.

Ridiculous Bench noun, /rəˈdikyələs ben(t)SH/

One of our most iconic pieces, this sensational seat is a bona fide star in the theatre of the absurd. It’s decorated by our master artisans in Aurora, New York, featuring just about every technique of ours—from ceramic feet to hand-painted finishes to a sassy sash of glass-beaded fringe.

Shop, as in The Shop noun, /SHäp/ 

A trip to our home in Aurora, New York, isn’t complete without stopping in The Shop, where you can find complete lines of our products, as well as inspiration for how to add them to your home. Be sure to tour the Farmhouse as well. If you’re closer to New York City, or making a trip there, we also have a retail location in SoHo.


thistle noun, /THisəl/ 

The Scottish thistle is included on our logo and often appears on our products. The thistle is known for its ability to thrive in the most diverse of conditions. In Celtic cultures, it represents bravery, devotion, strength, and determination, which pretty much sums up who we are as a company.

whimsical adjective, /ˈ(h)wimzik(ə)l/ 

Probably the word used most often to describe our nature. We believe in making every day extraordinary and embracing the notion of a happy home. It’s certainly an accurate description, along with quirky and zany. See also jester, as in Court Jester.

XO (hugs and kisses) 

noun, /eks ō/

This term of endearment describes exactly how we feel about our loyal fans, who have helped us become who we are today. You inspire us, and we hope that we inspire you, too. XO XO XO!

zany  adjective, /ˈzānē/ 

Ludicrously or whimsically comical. Enthusiastic in our pursuit of creating inspiring home decor. Yes, that’s us, too. We are whimsically comical and proud of it.

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