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The Problem With Pillows

The Problem With Pillows

My family thinks I have a problem with pillows, as in they think I have too many. Personally, I don’t see it as a problem. It’s just another in my long list of passions. But I do seem to keep collecting them.

What can I say? I like them. I have pillows on the sofa and pillows on the love seat. I have pillows on the arm chairs, pillows on the bench in the front hall, on the dining chairs, on the floor, on the beds, pillows in the Tiny House, and pillows on the garden furniture. These are just the ones you see…this doesn’t count the pillows I have in the closet, in the attic, in the basement, or in the storage locker which my husband claims we’ve had to rent because he thought the pillows were taking over the house. Can you imagine? How silly of him! I appreciate pillows like the composer Eric Satie appreciated umbrellas (they found a number of them in his apartment in Paris–I think the count was around 600). I just don’t really see any reason to stop bringing them home. How can one resist? Just think about all the incredible individual personalities of pillows…special qualities such as embroidery, beautiful passementerie, tassels and trims, rich fabrics like velvet, unique details, and the list goes on.

I mean, look at this pillow! Look at these poppies! Isn’t this the greatest pillow ever?

And these?! My son made these for me by hand when he was 10! I think we have a budding designer in the family!

Remember this one? Vintage MacKenzie-Childs!

And then you need your basic pillows. I’m so glad we at MC decided to create a collection because it gives me a good excuse to acquire a few new ones. Courtly Check certainly works with everything. Come to think of it, I actually might need few more of these.

And what about this one? I bought this on a family trip to Keene Valley in the Adirondacks. How could I have not brought this home?

Oh! And these! Just like the mossy floor in a forest!

I don’t expect my husband to understand, but I know you will.

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