Hostess Gifts

We all have that special friend who loves to host parties and get-togethers. So what do you get the person who so graciously opens up their home to you? As a guest of honor, you get her the perfect hostess gift from MacKenzie-Childs! With a gift from MacKenzie Childs, you can help your friend host her event with the elegant and sophisticated style you know she wants to be true about her parties. Here is a list of the 5 best hostess gifts

Best Hostess Gifts 

  1. Books – Being a hostess isn’t just a title. It’s a craft and a way of life. Help your hostess friend perfect her craft with a special selection of essays, recipe books, and memoirs on the art of being a hostess. What’s a Hostess to Do is the perfect book for ideas and inspiration on effortless entertainment. Meaningful Bouquets is a lovely picture book of popular flower types and their meanings and contains a how-to-guide on how to set the perfect floral arrangement to add the most splendid aura and fragrance to your home. 
  2. Drink Hostess – Every distinguished hostess needs a drink hostess, so provide yours with one gaily dressed in true McKenzie-Childs fashion. Select from our gorgeous and showy Courtly Check beverage hostess or our fun Piccadilly beverage hostess. Each hand-painted dispenser holds up to two gallons of the hostess's favorite drink and will look gorgeous on display. No party is complete with out a signature beverage, and no signature beverage is complete without a drink hostess. 
  3. Hostess Tray – Your hostess finds absolute delight in opening up her home and serving her guests. Make her job easier with a hostess tray. In the hustle and bustle of making trips between the kitchen and the gathering area, it can be easy to forget to enjoy the party. An elegant wood-crafted hostess tray will solve that problem. Our Courtly Check Hostess Tray is a crowd favorite. 
  4. Apron – The party before the party begins actually happens in the kitchen as your hostess prepares her favorite food for her favorite guests. Courtly Check Bistro apron is a must-have for any hostess who is serious about the art of hosting. Featuring fall foliage and our signature checked patterns, this hostess gift is both functional and fashionable.
  5. Dish Towels –The kitchen is the center of the hostess’s home, so make sure that even the small details are beautiful and prime for hosting. Give your hostess a McKenzie-Childs dish towel as a nice accent to a beautiful kitchen. 

At MacKenzie-Childs, we celebrate those who love and serve those dear to them by opening up their homes. For other amazing hostess gifts, ranging from the simple to the splendid, check out our online store.

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