House Gifts from MacKenzie Childs

When you want something truly special to celebrate your friends' new home, shop MacKenzie-Childs for unique and wonderful housewarming gifts. Handcrafted ceramic and enamelware, kitchen linens in our signature patterns, or whimsical garden accessories are just of few of the unique and gorgeous house gifts you'll find at MacKenzie-Childs. 


Dress Up Traditional House Gifts

Add an exquisite flair to traditional housewarming gifts with unique accessories from MacKenzie-Childs nestled in your gift basket. 

  • Wish your friends a bountiful pantry with loaves of crusty bread. And your gift of wine symbolizes the hope that this new home will be filled with joy. Then add to the joy by wrapping the bread and wine in beautiful dish towels from MacKenzie-Childs. Wild Rose Dish Towels, cheery Daisy, or classic Black & White Dot and Tulip Tea Kettle Dish Towel are a few of the signature patterns you have to choose from. 100% cotton and machine washable, these dish towels add a splash of color and class to any kitchen.
  • A sack of salt in your gift basket signifies a life that always has flavor and luxury. Wish your friends sweetness in life forever with sugar. Add beauty to your gift basket by tucking a luxurious salt and pepper shaker, sugar bowl and creamer in Parchment Check in with these traditional house gifts. 
  • So that the new house always has light, include stunning MacKenzie-Childs candles and candle holders in your gift basket. Coins symbolizing good fortune can be hidden in a Courtly Check Enamel Curiosity Pot.

Start a New Tradition with House Gifts for the Garden

For friends with green thumbs, nothing says "home" like a well-appointed garden. MacKenzie-Childs offers garden and outdoor accessories that will help to make the new house a home filled with beauty, joy, and whimsy. 

  • Start with a charming wrought iron Birdhouse Hook and coordinate with any one of our whimsical Birdhouses.
  • True gardeners need to water their gardens frequently, but hoses can be unsightly. Dress up the new home's exterior with Flower Garden Hose Holder.
  • Invite the birds to meet their new neighbors with our Sunflower Bird Bath. Perfect for a shady patch in the garden!
  • Your new neighbors will always have their watering can handy if it's our charming Butterfly Watering Can. Too pretty to store away, this watering can makes it easy to keep thristy potted plants hydrated and blooming gloriously. 

You can find all of these house gifts and so much more at MacKenzie-Childs. Browse our latest catalog for sensational seasonal gifts. 




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