Find Classic Wedding Gifts for the Bride with MacKenzie-Childs

Of course the gift of yourself is the best gift of all on your wedding day, but both the bride and the groom are making a lifetime commitment that deserves recognition in a personal and special way. And what could be more special than to give your new spouse a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift from MacKenzie-Childs


Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Exchange

Wouldn't it be lovely to gift your new bride or groom with a personal and private exchange sometime before the very public ceremony? Exchanging a wedding gift with your soon-to-be or new spouse is one way to ensure you have a few moments during the day that you can call your own and that you will cherish forever. 

Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

For the Bride

What better way to establish your new home together as a MacKenzie-Childs home than to give her a wedding gift from our selection of whimsical jewelry, stylish accessories, or gorgeous housewares? 

Start a charm bracelet of special moments in your life together with a charm or two (or three!) commemorating the moment you bound your lives together. 

Into each life some rain must fall, but she won't fret if she has a MacKenzie-Childs Bumbershoot to keep her dry. 

More wedding gift ideas for the bride await you at Mackenzie-Childs.

For the Groom

Guys want a litle bit of flair in their lives just like the ladies, and you can't find wedding gifts with more flair than those at Mackenzie-Childs.

For the gourmet chef, we offer Pepper Mills so regal, you won't want to put them away. 

A picture of a tender moment from your courtship framed in Courtly Checks will be a cherished reminder of the early days in your relationship. 

These are just two of the many gift ideas for the groom you'll find at MacKenzie-Childs.

Other Gifts on Your Wedding Day

If you've been planning your wedding, you know that the bride and groom aren't the only ones involved in creating this special day. Parents, friends, and your wedding coordinator are just some of the many people who helped to make the your special day possible. Who should the bride and groom gift at their wedding? Show all of these amazing people how much you appreciate their help with a lovely gift from MacKenzie-Childs

You can find more wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom at MacKenzie-Childs where every occasion should be celebrated in exuberant style. 




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