2021 Online Barn Sale FAQ

When is the 2021 Online Barn Sale?

The 2021 sale ended on August 1. If you missed it, lots of great items are still available, with discounts of up to 80% off selected favorites, at mackenzie-childs.com/clearance! We also encourage you to sign up for our email updates and text alerts (text MCJOIN to 50813), and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay informed about future events, products, and promotions.

Can I return items I purchase through the Online Barn Sale?

All purchases for items through our Online Barn Sale are considered final. No returns will be accepted on these items. No exceptions will be made.

What is the difference in the quality of the inventory? Is it all first-quality?

Barn Sale inventory is a mix of first-quality overstock and seconds (products that may have minor imperfections; products with major imperfections will not be sold). Requests regarding product quality cannot be accommodated. Please review your purchase before completing your order(s) because Barn Sale items cannot be returned. All sales are final.

If I see something in the online Barn Sale that I recently purchased, will you adjust the price of my previous purchase for me?

No price adjustments will be made for Online Barn Sale merchandise.

Since Online Barn Sale inventory is a mixture of first-quality overstock and seconds, it is not the same product inventory as our regular-priced merchandise listed on our site. If you have been to an in-person Barn Sale in Aurora, this works the same way: There is regular-priced and clearance merchandise available inside our retail store, with different inventory and quality standards from the merchandise found inside the barn and under the tents. Items that are not part of the Barn Sale are still available to purchase on our website.

If you purchased an item prior to this sale, that means it was not part of the Online Barn Sale stock, therefore the Barn Sale price cannot be applied.

Do you know now what will be in the Online Barn Sale, so I can make my list and plan?

We do not know or guarantee what will be offered in the Online Barn Sale, product- or inventory-wise, prior to or during the sale.

Will there be new items added during the Online Barn Sale?

Yes! New product will be added to the Online Barn Sale throughout the sale. Check back each day to see what's new!

I had something in my cart, and before I could check out, it was gone. Will you honor it at the Online Barn Sale price if/when it is offered at full price?

We will be experiencing high amounts of website traffic during our Online Barn Sale. This means many customers could be placing the same items in their carts. The orders will go, as always, on a first-come, first-served basis, as customers finish the checkout process. If you have an item in your cart, and you see that during checkout it is gone, that means the inventory has now been sold out and you are unable to buy that item; you will need to remove it from your cart. Please remember the items in our Online Barn Sale are an entirely separate and limited inventory from our regular items.

Will I receive trulyMC loyalty points for my Online Barn Sale purchase?

Yes! If you are a member of our trulyMC loyalty program, you will receive loyalty points for purchases made during the Online Barn Sale. Make sure you are logged in to your trulyMC account in order to receive the points. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at mackenzie-childs.com/loyalty; to receive points, you must complete signup before making your purchase.

Can I use a coupon, free shipping benefit, or other promotions/discounts during the sale?

Unfortunately, no, we will not be able to honor any additional coupons, discounts or promotions, including (but not limited to) any free shipping or free freight offers, as well as coupons for a percentage off your purchase, during the Barn Sale. This includes trulyMC loyalty program benefits such as coupons for 10% off and all free shipping/freight offers, and applies to purchases of both Barn Sale items and regular items. These offers can be used after the Barn Sale period ends.

Which payment methods can I use during the Online Barn Sale?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and MacKenzie-Childs gift cards at checkout.

How will Online Barn Sale purchases appear on my card?

Credit cards are authorized for the full amount (including taxes and shipping, if applicable) of the order when an order is placed. Charges appear as item(s) ship from the order. An authorization is then made for the remaining balance of the order.

Credit cards are re-authorized for the full amount of the order, or the remaining balance, on a weekly basis, until the full order has been shipped.

If your order(s) take longer than a week to ship, a re-authorization will take place. MacKenzie-Childs drops the previous authorization when the re-authorization is taken. Your financial institution will release these authorizations (holds), but as every financial institution is different, we cannot advise as to when this will happen. We recommend contacting your bank regarding its policy on when it releases holds/pending charges.

Are there any restrictions around items I can purchase?

Certain items in the Online Barn Sale have a minimum order quantity; where applicable, these will be listed in the product description. This quantity will be added to your cart automatically if you order fewer than the minimum quantity. Some items also are sold only in multiples; these also will be listed in the product description. MacKenzie-Childs reserves the right to limit the number of units a customer can purchase of each item if it is deemed excessive. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their participation in the Online Barn Sale.

Online Barn Sale Shipping

When will my Online Barn Sale order ship?

Due to the extremely high volume of orders coming in during this time, please allow for shipping delays. This is our biggest event of the year, so we appreciate your patience. Orders will ship daily, and we expect all orders to fully ship within four weeks from the date of your order. Please note, including your email address on your order will ensure you will receive an order confirmation when your order is placed and ship confirmation(s) when item(s) ship from your order. Please note that no expedited options are available (overnight or 2-day shipping).

Our customer service department will reach out to you if we are unable to fulfill any items on your order.

Will my Online Barn Sale order be broken up into multiple shipments?

Our warehouse will ship your order in the most efficient way possible. Please be aware this could mean your order will most likely ship in multiple shipments. As long as your email address is on your order, you will receive notification when items from your order ship.

How much is shipping for Online Barn Sale orders?

The standard (ground) delivery charge for orders less than $100 is $10; for orders $100.01 or greater, the charge is 10% of the order’s subtotal. For items that require freight delivery, each item has a fixed delivery charge instead of a charge based on dollar value. You will see these charges reflected during checkout. For more information, visit mackenzie-childs.com/delivery. Shipments will be delayed due to the high volume of orders. Free shipping offers are not available during the Online Barn Sale.

Do you ship internationally?

Orders outside the United States (all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico) cannot be placed with MacKenzie-Childs directly at this time.

Can I pick up my Online Barn Sale purchase in Aurora?

No. Online Barn Sale purchases will be shipped from our warehouse; no pickup options are available.

If I have a question about my order, who should I contact?

All customer service communication is being conducted via email. Email us at customerservice@mackenzie-childs.com if you need help, and please be patient with response times—we expect a high volume of requests during the sale.