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Happiness is a Touch of MacKenzie-Childs

Happiness is a Touch of MacKenzie-Childs

August is national happiness month—but around our Aurora campus we like to think of every month that way. Which is why we always strive to create products that are not only useful and beautiful but fun too. We do this through color, pattern, or unexpected details. So when you decorate a table or furnish your home with our wares they make a lasting impression.

So whether you drink your morning cup of coffee in your favorite Taylor ceramic mug, set your table with our Courtly Check chargers, or have our fabulous serving pieces tucked into a dining room display cabinet we love that our products find their way into your everyday life and special occasions.

Here are some of the best (according to you) smile-inducing MacKenzie-Childs products we offer!

“I use the beautiful tea kettle my daughter bought me every day!” -Kim M.
Shop our tea kettles here!

“Maryglenn is redoing her kitchen in Mackenzie-Childs checked wallpaper and chandeliers. Such a happy look!”-Janice M.
Shop our wallpaper and chandeliers.

 “I use my Courtly Check cookware with joy in my heart! These Courtly Check kitchen tools are a great addition.” –Sarah A.
Shop our Courtly Check Cookware and kitchen tools.

  “I have the green carriers and several of the small colanders. Love them!” –Chris T.
Shop our cake carriers and colanders.

‪  “I just got my very first pieces and they are Courtly Check. It’s my favorite—simple and classy.” –Tracy S.
Shop our Courtly Check enamelware.

“My Pagoda birdhouse hanging by the door of my new home. Makes me happy. Everyone’s welcome!” -mollyepops
Shop birdhouses.

“A cup of tea and your catalog make me happy.” -kkmoore211
Get our catalog here!

“I love these Flower Market pots!” -figandtwigs
Shop our Flower Market cookware.

“Set my table outside last night with my Courtly Check and Flower Market. I needed one of the wire mesh covers to keep a pesky flies at bay.” –Sarah A.
Shop our mesh domes.

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