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It’s Almost Halloween!

It’s Almost Halloween!

And we’re sharing some of our favorite seasonal decorating ideas that you might have spotted in our most recent catalogs. Some are spooky, some are sweet, and some are even versatile enough to stick around until Thanksgiving! We love to celebrate the holidays, so here are just a few of our favorite ways to get into the spirit:

Monogrammed magic: Add initials, your last name or a playful phrase to a pretty pumpkin. Simply sketch or stencil it onto the surface. Using craft paint, brush on a black base coat and let it dry. Then add a topcoat of gold paint. Layering the two colors adds a shadow and depth to the letters.

Dry ice tips and tricks: To create creeping tendrils of fog as a special effect, place a small piece or pellet of dry ice into a oversized vase, bowl or glass (you can usually get dry ice from the supermarket) and a pour little bit of warm water over it to create the fog. It’s a fun addition to a snack-table setup or a cocktail station. Add chunks as needed to keep it going, and keep the rest in a cooler until it’s needed.

Because dry ice is essentially frozen carbon dioxide and runs at about minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Keep away from kids and pets, and never touch it with bare skin. When handling it, use a towel and wear thick cloth or leather gloves.

Ombré arrangement: There are still ways to keep your pumpkins feeling festive—even if you don’t carve them. Grouping together several different types like Cheese, Sugar, Cinderella, Baby Blue, Lumina, and Fairytale pumpkins, and then arranging them by color, can create a jaw-dropping display. Place them on your front porch or any stairway.

Keeping them whole also means you can hang onto them longer, stretching out their lifespan to help decorate for Thanksgiving too. Want to add a scarier Halloween vibe? The bumpy, warty-looking varieties are seriously spooky.

Simple centerpiece: Make an impact with even the tiniest gourds. A collection of miniature white pumpkins looks pretty when painted with acrylic craft paint. To avoid a streaky finish, paint them with a foam brush instead of a bristled one. Choose a color palette or work with a range of colors in the same family for a stunning effect. Arrange them so they’re running down the table, with greens or candles placed between them for a little something extra.

Tip: Mini orange pumpkins are great! But the deep orange hue will be hard to cover easily with craft paint.

Happy Halloween!

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