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At MacKenzie-Childs, we know you want a tall floor vase that makes a grand impression in an understated corner of your home. That's why we've created the Cheltenham Thistle Urn with generous proportions, rich textures, and graceful design. Whether alone or as part of an ensemble, this is one floor vase that will not go unnoticed. 


A Tall Floor Vase in Courtly Checks

Imagine a regal vision of Courtly Checks embracing long stems of wildflowers, lush greens, or intricate topiary. You can make this vision a reality with our impressive Cheltenham Thistle Urn. It is the perfect floor vase to grace your entryway, greet guests in the foyer, or fill a quiet corner of your home with elegance and sophistication.

Inspired by the thistle plants that grow thick on the farm, this floor vase stands almost 22" tall and flairs out to a 12" diameter. The richly textured thistle bulb rises from a faux marble pedestal that gleams with green, violet, blue, and yellow veined hues. Our ivory and onyx Courtly Checks are color dragged with hints of aqua, gold, and claret tones for a completely unique take on formal black and white. 

Create a Floor Vase Ensemble

Can't get enough of our Cheltenham Thistle Urn? Lucky for you, she has a little sister, the Cheltenham Thistle Vase, that stands like a smaller mirror image at 12" tall. They make a perfect pair for your floor or garden patio.

And if you're looking for other companions for the Cheltenham sisters, our entire collection of vases has plenty of choices. Create an entirely Courtly Check grouping of tall and stout vases and flower pots, or mix and match with vases from our other signature collections. All bear our distinctive MacKenzie-Childs style so you can coordinate beautifully for an ensemble on the floor, front porch, or in the garden. 

Unique Floor Vases from MacKenzie-Childs

Find inspiration for your grouping of tall and small vases, then find the perfect pairings at MacKenzie-Childs. When you shop for vases at MacKenzie-Childs, you know that you will be choosing a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind creation that bears the stamp of every master artisan who had a hand in its creation.  




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