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5 Summer Entertaining Tips from TomboyKC

5 Summer Entertaining Tips from TomboyKC

You might have seen our newest catalog filled with tons of summer goodness—specifically clever tips and ideas from our favorite MacKenzie-Childs-loving bloggers. It was fun to see how they put their favorite products to good use and we picked up some outdoor entertaining tips in the process. Lynsey from TomboyKC loves throwing impromptu dinners al fresco come summer. Here are five takeaway entertaining tips from her MacKenzie-Childs inspired margarita night:

1. Making your own simple syrup is well…simple! Keep a squeeze bottle of simple syrup in your fridge to add into your own fresh-squeezed summer cocktails all season long. Simply mix one parts sugar to one parts water over medium-low heat and ta-da! Make a larger batch so you can save it for future parties too.

2. Outdoor entertaining is made easier with a tray. Whether you’re bringing drinks or food outside or you’re just using it to corral ingredients—it makes the load a little easier to carry. Plus if you have guests customizing their own drinks everything is in one place.

3. Head outdoors even if it’s not yours. Don’t have a ton of space to spare? Head to a local public park or outdoor area and invite friends to meet you there. You can all enjoy the beautiful space without worrying about who’s hosting or if your house is as clean as you’d like it to be.

4. Bring games that can travel. Dominoes anyone? Playing games with guests can be an amazing icebreaker getting even the shyest person engaged. It’s always fun to see who’s secretly competitive or who is a trivia whiz.

5.  Keep snacks simple. You don’t have to serve a four-course meal every time you entertain. Fresh fruit, a cheese platter, and a dessert can be a meal in itself on occasion.

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