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A guide to dining with coupe dishes

A guide to dining with coupe dishes

These days, we’re in perpetual motion—talking, texting, and even eating on the go.

Enter the coupe dish. What’s a coupe dish, you ask? Think of it as a shallow bowl or a deep plate.

Coupe dishes have become popular lately, reflecting the shift in our on-the-go lifestyles from formal to casual. A coupe dish is perfect for the dining you might do in what we like to call The Entertaining Kitchen, hanging out at the kitchen island or lounging in a nearby great room for a night of binge TV.

Coupe dishes are also ideal for foods that are popular now, including hearty soups and layered salads, and dishes like stir-fries, pasta, and noodles. Coupe dishes also accommodate more than one course on a single dish.

Our Fall 2018 collection includes three sizes of coupes in our popular Courtly Check Enamel. Like our other Courtly Check Enamel, our coupes are rimmed in bronzed stainless steel and have a hand-glazed, heavy-gauge steel underbody with hand-painted Courtly Check decoration.

Here’s a guide to each size and some suggested dishes to serve in them:

Courtly Check Soup Coupe
Our smallest coupe dish is the Courtly Check Soup Coupe. It has a diameter of 7½ inches and is 2 inches deep. Holding up to 22 ounces, the Soup Coupe is good for soup, salad, and just about anything that you would eat out of a salad or soup bowl.

Courtly Check Dinner Coupe
The Courtly Check Dinner Coupe equates to a dinner plate, but it’s a little bit deeper, which makes it ideal for dishes with sauces, including stew. It has a diameter of 10½ inches and is 1¼ inches deep.

Courtly Check Gourmand Coupe
The Courtly Check Gourmand Coupe is the largest of our coupe dishes. Although the diameter—9¼ inches—is smaller than the dinner coupe, its depth—2¾ inches—allows it to hold a generous 48 ounces. At those proportions, fill the Gourmand Coupe with a hearty helping of ravioli or shrimp scampi.

In addition, try using the Soup Coupe and the Gourmand Coupe as serving bowls. The Dinner Coupe could also double as a serving tray for cookies, cupcakes, or crudités.

We think our coupe dishes are the perfect way to dine casually and stylishly, all at the same time.


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