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Create a Thanksgiving tablescape

Create a Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving is when we gather together to give thanks for our blessings. This year, the gatherings might be smaller, but they can still be celebrated with a memorable tablescape.

We asked Linda Walker, one of our visual designers who creates many of the wonderful tablescapes in our Farmhouse, for some guidance on how to add color and charm to your Thanksgiving table.

Linda says the inspiration for a Thanksgiving tablescape can come from almost anywhere, from the seasonal harvest hues to the patterns on your Grandmother’s china. “There’s really no limit to how you can be inspired. You can do so many fun things,” she says.

With that as a starting point, here are five tips that can guide your inspiration.

  • If you plan to have a Thanksgiving centerpiece, keep it in proportion to the table and low enough so that it doesn’t inhibit conversation. To make things extra easy, you might consider our Autumn Naturals Cornucopia, which holds a bounty of everlasting hand-painted fruits and veggies with accents of Courtly Check and Courtly Stripe. It’s just a little more than eight inches tall, too. Surround it with some orange and white pumpkins of varying sizes.
  • If you want to extend the decorations the length of the table, start with a runner down the center like our harvest-inspired beaded table runners, including our Sunflower Beaded Table Runner, our Autumn Leaves Table Runner or our Tuxedo Pumpkin Table Runner. Then add repeating elements, such as some of our smaller Courtly Check and Courtly Harlequin pumpkins or put a special treat at each setting like one of our set of six Capiz Pumpkins and one of our Courtly Acorns. Finish the table with a colorful palette of fall leaves that you gather from the outdoors.
  • Put grapevine wreaths underneath dinner plates. Linda says they add a rustic touch that’s a perfect match to our Autumn Naturals collection of table decor that also includes the Autumn Naturals Centerpiece and a variety of Autumn Naturals Pumpkins in sage and ivory.
  • To elevate the occasion into a true celebration and make things extra cozy as well, add candlelight. You can tuck votive candles set in glass containers in a table runner arrangement or add a larger focal point with the set of two Autumn Naturals Quail Candle Holders. They feature a pair of feathered friends sitting on nests of leaves and berries, atop bases of Courtly Stripe. Each quail holds a dinner candle. And speaking of dinner candles, we have more than a few that invoke autumnal patterns, including fall leaves.
  • Finally, don’t forget to provide some extra fun for the kiddos. Some simple crafts can keep them occupied while the finishing touches are being put on the Thanksgiving dinner. You might cover their table with craft paper and include crayons at each table setting. You could also add an apple on each dinner plate to give them a healthy snack that won’t spoil their appetite. Older children can help set the silverware on the table, using this guide to table setting.

Most importantly, remember it is those who are gathered around the table, as well as those who might not be there this year but are always in your heart, that will make the occasion truly special.

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