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Flower Power: Our Red Poppy Pillow

Flower Power: Our Red Poppy Pillow

A flower is a masterpiece made by Mother Nature. Colorful and captivating. Dimensional and delightful. And no two are exactly alike.

The same can be said of our floral pillows featuring sculptural silhouettes that seem to bloom right off the fabric. Creating blossoms that look so lifelike requires extra attention to detail, and that’s why we search around the globe for best-in-class manufacturers from countries, including India, where embroidery and embellishment have been celebrated for centuries.

Textile designer Komal Arora says these techniques are art forms in India because of the sari, a traditional draped garment that is often lavishly decorated and can be handed down through the generations. Much of the work on a sari is done by hand and some of those techniques can be seen in our pillows.

The Red Poppy Pillow, which is available in square and lumbar sizes, is Komal’s favorite pillow of ours, and it’s easy to see why. The design captures the beauty of a real poppy field, right down to the flowers’ delicate crinkled petals and arching stems swaying in the breeze. “It’s a beautiful floral story created on a pillow,” says Komal.

Each Red Poppy Pillow takes three or four skilled artisans about a day to create, and the work is done almost entirely by hand. The first step is embroidering the leaves on a base of cotton-linen fabric. Then the stems, which are stitched over cotton cording, are added, followed by the crinkled silk poppies in varying shades of red, salmon, and pink. “It’s all done petal by petal,” says Komal.

Next, small silk fabric balls, filled with bits of cotton, are tucked in among the leaves, and silk-covered buttons embellished with a bit of embroidery are added to the poppies’ centers, which are also accented with French knots. Finally, one-of-a-kind tassels, consisting of more poppy petals, dangling fabric balls, and buttons, are added to the four corners, and the entire pillow is finished with our signature black and white checked cording.

Komal compares the creation of these pillows to how we make our hand-painted ceramics here in Aurora, New York. Both processes require many hands working together and each product is completely unique, reflecting the artists who create it.

Need another reason to love this pillow? Komal says it does more than just look good. She truly believes that flowers have the power to brighten your outlook with their color and charm, whether they’re in a vase or on a pillow. Says Komal, “You want to see beautiful things, and flowers are beautiful things that make you happy.”

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