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Four trends for fall

Four trends for fall

Optimism isn’t just about looking forward. It’s also about the here and now. These design trends put our new collections, inspired by our theme for the season, The Art of Optimism, in the moment while staying true to the timeless joyful spirit that will always be MacKenzie-Childs.

Earth tones anew
Our key colors—emerald green, marigold yellow, and the richest jewel hues—come directly from a palette painted by nature. These saturated shades are trending in home design and decor because they let you proclaim your personality while pairing well with calming neutral bases.

Prints that pop
We’ve always been the proprietor of pattern play, masterfully mixing unexpected combinations that make an impression. Complementing our key colors, we focus on emerald luxury with a bold geometric fabric in shades of green that resembles a prism and is mixed with complementary smaller-scale, textural prints in charcoal and gold. Meanwhile, another key fabric has rich florals and paisleys popping from flannel grey, which are paired with rose-colored patterned accents.

Textural touches
Texture has a language all its own. It speaks directly, inviting us to experience every piece of our collection through touch, from beaded pillows to sculpted handmade rugs to pumpkins embellished with dimensional decoration. It’s our tactile details that make all the difference.

Take a shine
Metallic accents are important because they provide stability and make a classic statement that has a modern edge. We mix the subdued shine of gold and antique brass with our green and marigold earth tones, and we add the polish of pewter and silver to colorful floral and paisley pieces grounded in grey.



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