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Home Manifesto

Home Manifesto


Friends have been asking me to write a blog for some time now. I don’t usually find time to write. My days are really full, and actually when I think about it, I’m more of a doer than a writer; the mobile seems to ring every five seconds, I’m racing from office to office, or on a plane going somewhere, or working on new designs. But in between all that, I am an avid reader of blogs and there are several I follow religiously. The idea of starting my own blog, and for the first time putting what I do into words, sounded like something I should finally try.

My blog will be a place for me to talk about design inspirations, reflections, the incredible people I have the good fortune to work with, my travels, special projects happening here in Aurora, and all the things that make our work at MacKenzie-Childs so unbelievably interesting.

We think of our mission and the things we make at MacKenzie-Childs as a kind of movement. At its core, our movement is about “handmade.” And as we know, every movement needs a manifesto! A catalyst for ideas, a provoker of thoughts, a call to action; but in our case it’s done in a quiet, sitting-in-the-kitchen kind of way.



What resonates for me about my work is that it all relates directly to Home. The ideas, the sentiments, the feelings, the inspirations, the memories; all the things we collect that make our home, well…a Home.

So, here is my Home Manifesto–a call not to do, but to live.

Thanks for all your interest and encouragement.



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