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Living Artfully in 2021

Living Artfully in 2021

We’re constantly inspired by your creativity and all the ways that you show it: how you set a table, arrange flowers in a vase or even accessorize your favorite little black dress. In fact, our theme for spring ’21 is Living Artfully, and it celebrates how creativity infuses our lives.

The biggest canvas for living artfully is your home, says Rebecca Proctor, our creative director and chief brand officer. It’s where your love of color and pattern intersect with our designs, and this spring, we’re bringing you everything from a Painted Garden to a Big Blue whale to some Highland Spring-inspired sheep.

Here’s a look at the inspiration behind the spring collections.

Painted Garden

We have long loved florals, probably because we’re inspired by the beauty of the gardens on our 65-acre estate in Upstate New York. At the center of our Painted Garden print is a beautiful floral fabric that looks like a painted canvas and has a casual feel to it.

Rebecca says there also are parallels between gardening and decorating, and she compares the layers of a room—from the rugs to the lighting to the furniture—to the layers of a landscape. “Your interior is the same as your exterior. You plant in layers, with what’s happening in the background and in the foreground. The same principles apply when you create an interior landscape.”

Highland Spring and Technicolor Easter

After a long winter, there’s joy in the return of spring, and that’s what is expressed with our bright Highland Spring and Technicolor Easter collections.

Highland Spring is also a nod to our love of Scotland, with the colors and patterns you might find in the Scottish countryside. Why do we love Scotland? Rebecca says this: “It’s a sense of tradition, heritage, and culture, and MacKenzie is a Scottish name.”

And because this collection is our take on a Scottish spring, you can expect the unexpected, like sheep sporting tartan patterns. (But more about that in our next blog, so stay tuned!)

Many of the colors featured in Highland Spring also have inspired the complementary collection, Technicolor Easter, which will take you back to the childhood fun of Easter egg hunts and baskets filled with colorful confections. But because it’s technicolor, expect to see black and white as well.

Big Blue and Entertaining Royalty

Finally, as the weather warms, we’ll hopefully be entertaining outdoors near the water, whether beachside, lakeside or poolside. Our Big Blue collection is inspired by those gatherings and features a casual and friendly whale motif throughout the collection of servingware, textiles, and more.

The shades of blue in Big Blue were inspired by the blue waters of nearby Cayuga Lake, the longest of the Finger Lakes. Those waters also inspired our Royal Check pattern, so it’s not surprising that Big Blue, Royal Check, and some items in our more formal Entertaining Royalty collection all play quite nicely together.

So, here’s to spring! We’re sure you’re as ready as we are for a new season and the promise of brighter days.

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