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Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror

Everyone knows that a mirror reflects an image. But did you know that a well-placed mirror can also be a master of illusion?

That’s because mirrors reflect light, so they can make spaces seem larger and brighter. Plus, besides being practical, mirrors—especially if they are ours—can make a space feel prettier by adding color and charm. And one more thing about our mirrors. Many of them are included in our Aurora Artisanal collection. They feature frames that are hand-painted by our artisans in Aurora, New York, and each one is a unique piece of art.

That said, here are some ways to use mirrors to create more beautiful interiors.

  • Hallways tend to be the narrowest and dimmest area of the house and seldom have windows. To add light, place a mirror in a hallway or on a dark wall.
  • A mirror over a console table in the entry is handy for last-minute checks as you head out the door. Also, because it adds light, this mirror will make the entry more appealing to guests. Try the classic Thistle Mirror or Golden Hour Mirror.

  • In a room without windows, create the illusion of one by grouping identical mirrors to mimic a window. This will open up the space and eliminate that feeling of claustrophobia. You can also hang mirrors on either side of a doorway to create the illusion of sidelights or above a doorway to create a transom. Our Landmark Mirrors are perfect for these ideas. They mimic the detailing of leaded glass and can be hung horizontally or vertically.
  • Create a gallery wall of just mirrors with interesting shapes or add a few mirrors to a wall with a variety of objects. A good choice for this is our new Floradot Mirror, which adds three-dimensional floral motifs to our signature Courtly Check pattern.

  • Hang a tall mirror to draw the eye upward and make the room feel more spacious.
  • Hang a mirror off center or horizontally to create an element of surprise.
  • Layer objects, including artwork and vases, in front of a mirror to add dimension and interest.
  • Hang mirrors on a sloped ceiling to capture more light.

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