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Sneak peek: Fall and Halloween

Sneak peek: Fall and Halloween

Oh, how we anticipate autumn! Colorful leaves, freshly picked apples, a comfy oversized sweater, and the bright orange pumpkins that signal the transition to Halloween.

We’re also anticipating our fall and Halloween collections, which reflect our theme and inspiration for the season, The Art of Optimism.

What’s optimistic about fall, you ask? Well, Rebecca Proctor, our optimist in chief (and creative director and chief brand officer), is happy to tell you.

Autumn is a time for appreciation. We find beauty in the changing seasons and everything around us—from the colors of the leaves to the crisp, cool air. “We’re taking in everything that makes us feel good, and that makes us optimistic,” says Rebecca.

And Halloween? “Our point of view is to always look on the bright side of things, so we see Halloween as a happy Halloween,” says Rebecca. “It’s bright, cheerful, and joyful.”

Let’s fall for fall

One of our key fall groups is Walk in the Woods, which was inspired by just that. “We got the palette turned on by literally taking a walk in the woods after the leaves have a blanket of color, like a carpet, when the sun is shining, and the leaves are a little wet and a little luminescent. Everything we gathered for this collection reflects that,” says Rebecca. Walk in the Woods focuses on rich autumn colors with fun accents like acorns, mushrooms, and squirrels that embellish everything from candle holders to salt and pepper shakers. Texture is important, too, so there are beaded placemats, lavishly decorated pillows, and cozy throws.

As usual, there are pumpkins, pumpkins, and, yes, even more pumpkins. But because our pumpkin patch is unlike any other, some are accented with dimensional metal flowers and some have Courtly patterns on the bottom, with everlasting succulents or ethereal jewel-tone leaves on top. There are also topiaries that have pumpkins stacked on pumpkins that will give your home some spectacular seasonal splendor.

Here’s to happy Halloween

For Halloween, which Rebecca calls “a magical time of year that’s all about mystery, intrigue, and fun,” we look to classic literature and the midnight skies for inspiration.

The Nevermore collection is our nod to Edgar Allen Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven,” with ravens on black feather wreaths and in tabletop decor. Golden keys are included in this theme, reflecting the belief that ravens and crows are magpies, attracted to shiny objects. Crows, the smaller cousin of the raven, pop up on other fall items too, including pumpkins and pillows, wearing crowns and witch’s hats.

Meanwhile, Cosmique is our group of decorative objects, including witches, pumpkins, and owls, with a moon-and-stars theme. The palette is simple—shades of ivory, slate grey, midnight black, and gold—with touches of Courtly Check and Stripe.

There’s also Halloween fun from Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs. The highlight is the Patience Brewster Spooky House Display, which is decorated with hand-painted whimsy from top to bottom. Perfect for displaying the set of eight Patience Brewster Spooky House Minis, it’s sure to create happy Halloween memories for years to come.

Introducing Modern Naturalist

Last, but not least, there’s Modern Naturalist, a group that reflects the adventure of autumn. This collection is built around a confident muse whom Rebecca calls an adventuresome urban girl. She considers her home to be her diary and surrounds herself with items that are colorful, crafted, and tell her story.

The key fabric for Modern Naturalist has jewel-tone paisleys and florals, popping from a rich grey that mimics flannel. “The fabric was a very deliberate choice that reflects how people love to live in a more colorful way,” Rebecca says.

You’ll find this print on the furniture pieces in this collection, including the cozy Modern Naturalist Reading Chair and the Modern Naturalist Setting Seat. There are also rugs and beautiful textural pillows inspired by the same palette.

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