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The Art of Optimism

The Art of Optimism

Are you an optimist? Someone who always looks on the bright side and sees the glass at least half full? So are we, and this fall, inspired by the power of positivity, we’ve created a new collection called The Art of Optimism. You can look for its debut on our website on August 30.

Rebecca Proctor, our chief brand officer, creative director, and, yes, our optimist in chief, defines optimism as what propels us forward. It’s optimism, she says, that “keeps our heads up high, looking out for the next smile with style, grace, and anticipation.”

You’ll see optimism reflected in this new collection. Among its key colors are trending warmer earth tones like emerald green and marigold yellow. Green, by the way, is perfect for an optimist because it’s the color of renewal. The marigold yellow just feels like sunshine. There are also jewel tones that add a positive pop to a grey background, plus the shine of metals like gold, antiqued brass, pewter, and silver. And, as always, many textural touches.

You might find it a bit ironic, as we do, that just as Rebecca and our design team started working on this collection nearly two years ago, a worldwide pandemic was about to test the very idea of optimism. But perhaps what we have experienced is a reminder that optimism isn’t just about the future.

“It’s also about the best of the moment of the now, and ultimately, it’s about hope,” Rebecca says. “I think it’s a good way to live, to believe deeply and to find the joy in things.”

And so, over the last 18 months, we did find joy and an appreciation, perhaps much deeper than ever before, of what surrounds us, including our families and our homes. And now, no matter where we dwell—a big city, the countryside, or small-town USA—more than ever, there is a renewed feeling of optimism that says simply, “Welcome, home.”


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