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The egg’s eternal appeal

The egg’s eternal appeal

If you’re wondering which came first — the chicken or the egg — the likely answer is the egg. Since ancient times, the egg has been celebrated as a symbol of life and rebirth.

There are different interpretations of this. Many cultures believed that the whole universe was created out of an egg. A Latin proverb reflects that: “Omne vivum ex ovo,’’ which means every living thing is from an egg.

There are also religious meanings to the egg. Christians believe that the egg represents the resurrection of Jesus. Easter eggs may have celebrated the end of Lent, because in medieval Europe, eggs were forbidden during Lent. Eggs are also central to the celebration of Passover. One of the six traditional foods on the Passover Seder plate is a hard-boiled egg dipped in salt water. It symbolizes both new life and the Passover sacrifice.

Eggs also play a role in Easter traditions that include coloring Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and Easter egg rolls. Decorating eggs is a tradition that dates back several centuries. In America, we’re most familiar with the process of mixing dye tablets with hot water and vinegar, a process that was invented by William Townley in the late 1800s. Townley owned a drugstore in Newark, N.J., and named his business the PAAS® Dye Company. The name PAAS® comes from Passen, the word that the Pennsylvania Dutch used for Easter. The Pennsylvania Dutch also believed in Oschter Haws, an egg-laying hare that hid eggs in the grass, which led to the custom of Easter egg hunts. As for the Easter egg roll, it was brought to America by European immigrants. The best-known one has been held on the South Lawn of the White House on the Monday after Easter since 1878, when Rutherford B. Hayes was president.

At MacKenzie-Childs, we find that eggs are, well, eggs-spirational. They are a favorite design motif that signals spring. But, of course, we put our spin on the egg and present them in all sorts of ways to brighten your springtime decor.

A few suggestions:

Cream Eggs Garland
You can do a lot with our 84-inch-long Cream Eggs Garland. Draped across a doorway or nestled into a topiary, it just says spring. It’s made of capiz shells hand-painted in sherbet pastels. The eggs are available individually in the seven-piece Cream Eggs Set.

Nesting Eggs
Looking to tuck a treat into an egg? Our Black & White Floral Nesting Eggs or our Pastel Floral Nesting Eggs feature three hand-painted capiz eggs in varying sizes that fit into each other.

Egg Hunt Bunny
Another way to serve treats is our charming Easter Hunt Bunny, who pushes an egg-shaped Easter cart that can hold foil-wrapped Easter chocolates. Place it on an entryway or coffee table, and he greets guests with springtime salutations.

Easter Egg Runner, Easter Egg Placemat
Your Easter table will literally shine with our Easter Egg Runner and Easter Egg Placemat. Both are made of fabric and decorated with hand-sewn glass beads in pretty pastel patterns. Adding that MacKenzie-Childs’ signature touch is an outline of black and white beads.

Easter Egg Plates
Our Easter Egg Plate Set is sure to become a perennial favorite. We don’t know what we like best: the charming egg shape, the combination of polka dots and checks, or the bunny and chick spring silhouettes. It all feels fun, fancy, and fresh.

Pastel Egg Candles
Our set of three Pastel Egg Candles is ideal for an adult’s Easter basket. They feature pearlescent checks done in sherbet hues of pink, green, and orange.

Easter Chicks
Back to that chicken-or-egg question. You can have both in our hand-painted Easter Chicks. Each chick wears a different adorable expression, and together they spell out EASTER on patterned half shells.


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